Got Questions?

Below are a list of some frequently asked questions

1What is KiWITS?

It’s an acronym for: Kids Walking In The Supernatural

2Why is it so important for kids to be trained in the supernatural?

Healthy growth for your kids involves development of the total man – spirit, soul and body. Much of our Western education caters to the intellect (soul); exercise, fitness and a healthy diet caters to the body, but few people care about developing the faculties of the spirit.
There has recently been a resurgence of the supernatural in the world. The birth of Harry Porter marked the timeline. Circular media has over the last 15 years been bombarding our kids with movies based on the supernatural (witchcraft, magic, mermaids, vampires, ghosts, aliens, strange animals, super-human potentials etc). The media is mentoring your kids in the supernatural already. It is shaping in these kids a supernatural worldview. It is preparing them for the coming avalanche of the supernatural.
Your kids have spiritual gifts (as they have physical gifts) that need to be nurtured and mentored.
The natural is becoming bankrupt. Soon only people who know how to engage the spiritual would be able to experience success in almost every field of human endeavour.

3Does my kid have to be a member of CentrePort to be a KiWITS?

No. Church membership is not the objective. All we desire is for your kids to get discipled in the supernatural lifestyle. For folks who live in cities where we do not have a club you could download our lessons and use these to train your kids at home, or in your local church.

4How can I join KiWITS?

Simply fill out our membership forms and have them returned. No membership fee is required.

5What is KiWITS

it refers to a Kid Who Walks In The Supernatural.

6is there a fee attached to this Bible Club?

No fees are necessary. However, we do accept donations from people who want to help us reach other kids with the gospel of Jesus.

7Can parents also receive training in the Supernatural?

Yes, we do have specialised training to help parents to not only know how to guide and mentor their kids in the prophetic/supernatural, but also to develop themselves in the supernatural as well.

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